Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Romy's First Time On A Plane

I mentioned in my four simple goals post last week that I wanted to cross a few things off of 'Romy's Firsts' list, and last Friday Romy crossed off her first plane ride! In the week coming up to the much anticipated first plane ride I was starting to get extremely anxious. And when I get really anxious I get snappy & I snapped at Luke all week. Romy picked up on this tension and Friday morning while I was doing last minute packing and completely unnecessary jobs in order to feel organised, she was starting to feel a little unsettled. Once I packed the last of our things and crossed the last thing off my to-do-list I was able to lighten up a little and get excited about the wonderful weekend ahead of us. 

Romy is an excellent car traveller, the only time she gets upset during long drives is when the car slows down and stops at traffic lights. But other than that she copes really well being seated in a small space for more than a couple of hours. If she wasn't a calm car traveller I would have been way more nervous about the trip, but I still didn't know how she was going to react or what to expect. As we were boarding the plane she started to get really excited and was looking around at all the different people while rocking back and forth. She wasn't even put off by the loud engine, or the other babies that were unsettled during the flight. The only part of the experience she wasn't too keen on was being strapped into the seatbelt attached to mine. But she got over it quite quickly and fell asleep. She was even more relaxed on the flight back and didn't wake up until after we had landed. The whole weekend went smoothly with only a couple of tantrums and they were just a result of being over tired. Lets hope she is this easy going next weekend away!

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  1. Wow! She got that plane ride experience very early in life! :) My youngest sister had her first plane ride at 2 weeks because my parents had to take her to the American embassy to prove citizenship. I can understand being a little nervous traveling with a small infant!


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