Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby Brain

Lately I've had the worst attention span and memory. The ladies I work with keep telling me I have a case of 'baby brain', and until a week ago I didn't believe them. I wasn't convinced that it was happening to me until a trip to the toilet last week. There aren't any toilets in the cafe I work at, they are a couple of doors down in the arcade. Which is great for when you want to have a break from how busy it can get, but also not so great for when you have to explain where they are all the time. The toilets are just before a set of big exit sliding doors, and last week I was particularly focusing on them. When I turned and stood in front of the bathroom door, I waited for it to slide open for me, even though it isn't a sliding door and I had the key in my hand. This sort of thing is starting to happen to me quite regularly. I was getting my lip gloss out of my bag yesterday at work and the lid of it is a plastic reflective gold and I had a fleeting moment of excitement because I thought it was a chewy caramel eclair. I don't even buy chewy caramel eclairs! These next few months are going to be very interesting!

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