Thursday, February 7, 2013


25 Weeks
Reading: I've put a hold on reading the past couple of months purely because I don't really have enough time for it. A couple of weeks ago I started reading the first instalment from the Pretty Little Liars novels. I absolutely love the tv series, I'm just not sure how much I like the book yet. And I've had a copy of 'HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method' sitting on my coffee table ever since my cousin Kate sent it to me in a package a couple of weeks ago. I'm about four chapters into the book and it has been both very informative and interesting. I've been avoiding reading anything birth related so I won't freak myself out, but reading about Hypnobirthing hasn't freaked me out in the slightest!

Watching: Every Sunday night Luke & I make dinner together & watch one of the James Bond movies. We got the box set for Christmas and have been setting aside one night of the week for it.  Tv series-wise I spent the first week of the new year hooked on season two of Pretty Little Liars, and haven't followed it up with anything as yet. My sister is insisting I watch Parks & Recreation, and has put it on a hard drive for me. But I think I'm going to hold off on box set indulging until after I have the baby.

Anticipating: A day off that I can spend doing absolutely nothing, and not feel guilty about it. My last couple of days off have been spent running errands, design work, or baby shopping with Luke. Once I have a couple of things out of the way and finished with I will be able to live out this fantasy of sleeping in and watching cheesy dvds in bed. I'm also looking forward to having a baby shower. I wasn't going to have one, but my sister has convinced me to have one and is organising it because she is such a sweet heart!

Listening To: On our recent trip to the shops Luke bought The Bamboo's "4" & Hot Chip "In Our Heads", so they've been on constant rotation at our house. I also replaced my copy of The Knife's "Silent Shout", and rediscovered just how fantastic The Knife are. My copies of Gwen Stefani's solo albums have been getting some serious play time too.

Working On: The past couple of weeks I've been working on my cousin's wedding invitations. She is going to have the most amazing wedding in Bali this May. Unfortunately Luke & I won't be able to go because I'm due to have our little baby that very same week! The invitations have been designed like passports and boarding passes for a 'travel' theme. I'm just finishing them up over the next few days and  when I do I'll be sure to share them! I'm also helping my friend make her marketing resume look snappy, and after that will be making some invitations for a surprise 40th birthday party. So I'm definitely keeping busy along with working six days a week!

Wishing: That the rest of my pregnancy is as easy as the first six months have been. I've been so lucky not to have had any morning sickness, weird food cravings or smell aversions. There has only been one downside to being pregnant and in comparison to nine months of morning sickness like some unlucky ladies, it is only a small bother. My left knee/upper thigh area has a constant tingly, numb feeling. To touch it feels like stepping on your feet with a rush of pins and needles. Some days it hurts more than others, but after three months of it I'm starting to get used to it and I only have three more months of it! 


  1. Ah Pretty Little Liars!! I can't get enough of it! Though I hadn't even thought to read the books.
    Your cousins wedding and invites sound beautiful, it's nice that you still get to be involved in it even if you can't be there for the day and lets face it, a brand new babe is a pretty good reason to miss a wedding!
    Best wishes for a smooth end to your pregnancy!

  2. I hear hypnobirthing is REALLY relaxing.

  3. i have six months to go and can't finish my yawns. Damn baby must be taking my oxygen. It is so not satisfying! But I'm sure all worth it in the end

  4. Definentely recommend Parks & Recreation - it is one of Gavin and I's fav show at the moment. Amy Poehler is amazing in it.

    Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well. Love the bump photo!


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