Thursday, December 20, 2012

Half Way

This week I passed the half way mark of my pregnancy! The first twelve weeks went at a snails pace, but luckily the past six weeks have just flown by. I have been really lucky not to have experienced any morning sickness, and can safely say the two times I have spewed have been a result of me freaking out about swallowing tablets. I have had a couple of migraines and some minor heartburn, but I will happily settle for those rather than a daily session face first in the toilet. We're finding out the sex the day after Boxing Day, despite being told by various people it is one of the greatest surprises in life. I can't wait to find out so we can then start getting cute little outfits and start getting organised for this exciting change. My Mum bought me these white knitted booties for our little winter baby. I've got them on my bed side table and they are just the most delightful thing to see first thing in the morning!

On a different note, lately blogger has been reverting my published posts to drafts, which is super annoying. Does this happen to anybody else? 


  1. Half way! Already. My goodness, if it feels like a snails pace for you, it feels like a hare's pace to me.

    Those booties are adorable. What a nice gift. I can't wait to hear if you'll be bringing home a little boy or girl!

  2. Half way already!! Wow! Those booties are so so cute and I think finding out the sex is ridiculously exciting! Hope your little family has a wonderful Christmas :)

  3. Naww! Those booties are so cute! :) Congratulations hun! xo

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  5. The little booties are absolutely adorable. I didn't find out the gender of my first, but did for the second. Both are incredibly exciting! Enjoy this truly special time, glad to be following along now on GFC - and think it's so cool that your little will be born into such creativity. All the best - Monica


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