Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Start Your Week Off With..

There are so many creative and festive DIY's being featured on so many creative and delightful blogs the past couple of days, I just wish I had the time to do some of them! I am a little shocked that December has officially passed the halfway mark, and Christmas is less than two weeks away. The ladies that own the cafe I work at decided to open up another business recently (as in two weeks ago!) and have been rushing around like crazy trying to pull off their own Christmas miracle. In two weeks they were given the go ahead to take over an abandoned business a block down from the cafe, have new contracts drawn up, paint and furnish the shop, and source equipment. So while they have been organising their new venture, I've been working almost everyday. Which has been a pretty lovely distraction because my clothes are starting to get a little snug as my baby bump is starting to show now! Trying on various different outfits and finding most of them no longer work is a little defeating, so I'm quite happy to be wearing my work clothes for now! 

Have a great little week!  


  1. here's my best maternity clothing tip: size up in op-shop skirts and dresses, you can hem them to better lengths easily, belt them in where pushing them up over the bump causes puffiness in the fabric but at least you won't have to spend ridiculous amounts on ugly maternity wear you'll only wear for a short time. I swear Australia has the worst maternity wear of all the western world. And the most expensive, last time i had to pay $50 for maternity stockings in winter. Worst.


  2. love love love the kitty! so adorable :)


  3. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Where has this year gone?


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