Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Third Anniversary & Love Treats

The day we got married / My present from Luke
Yesterday was mine & Luke's third wedding anniversary. Time certainly does fly! We both had to work unfortunately and spent very little of our together. I started work early yesterday morning, so Luke got up early with me and we had tea and bagels for breakfast. Luke baked the bagels himself and they were amazing! On his days off this week he went to the shops on the sly and bought me an anniversary present - a David Bowie book, a weird animals book, Groove Armada cd and a horse print sheer shirt. And he packaged it up in a super duper cute deer bag from Typo. And because we weren't able to spend the evening together, he came home in his lunch break and made me risotto for dinner. Because we knew months ago that there was going to be a function on at Luke's work on our anniversary, we knew we wouldn't be able to spend the day together. So we agreed to go to Sydney for a weekend as close to our actual anniversary as we could and it just so happens to be when Jack White & Band Of Skulls are touring towards the end of this month! So I'm pretty keen for that! Even though I saw Luke for a total of about two hours yesterday, we still managed to have at least one meal together, hang out and watch the Wimbledon semi-finals with cups of tea & white chocolate brownie. Being married to your best friend really is the best thing!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! It sounds kind of lovely to me, like making the best of the time you have together!! And lucky you getting so many presents!!

  2. How sweet!! I'm sure you must be reeeeally looking forward to your trip to Sydney!!

  3. :D Congratulations!! It's wonderful that you two are so happy together. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Such sweet gifts, you must have a very loving guy for a husband

    1. I do, he is a secret romantic I think!

  5. awww congratulations!!! wishing you more and more and mooore happy years together! we are celebrating our 3... months :-) of marriage this saturday and i couldn't be happier :-)

  6. That last sentence is the sweetest! Wishing you 100 more years of happiness together!


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