Saturday, July 21, 2012

Casual Friday

Yesterday Luke & I both had the day off together, which is something that almost never happens for us. Because we rarely get to spend entire days together, we usually have to cram a lot of things into one day to compensate for the month long gaps of not getting to spend more than a few hours together to just hang out. We've become power walkers of hanging out! And it can be pretty stressful trying to fit everything in, making sure you haven't wasted the day together. This week we decided to do a big clean up and organise a few things around our flat so we can change things up a little. And to go out and sit down together and have coffee. 

Luke had an early morning appointment, so while he was getting his tax done I spent an hour working on an illustration. When Luke got home we went grocery shopping, looked at some thrift stores, bought some records & sandwiches, and did a massive tidy up of our flat. Most days I put on my to-do lists 'tidy computer desk' and it never gets done. So while I wasn't looking Luke pulled everything off my desk so I had to clean it, which was the best thing he could have done! Because now that is super tidy and minimal I feel much more at ease sitting at it. Once we got the majority of the cleaning out of the way we had afternoon coffees, shared a brownie + read house magazines at one of our favourite cafe galleries. Which is conveniently a block away from our flat. We were able to do most of the things we intended to do, and the day was a perfect mixture of practicality and leisure. Have a great weekend!

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