Friday, April 20, 2012

A Second Hand, Judge Judy, Lunch Date

1. Morning Coffee Date 2. Rabbit 3. Hustling w/Pushkin 4. Lara
5. Railway Revisited 6. The Cutest Antique Store 6. Luke. Hmm.
On our last day off together, Luke & I made a little day trip to Newcastle. We both lived there for years, and moved a year ago to the Central Coast. Last year we both made frequent visits, but decided this year that we wouldn't spend our free time there as much. My friend Lara had to attend court and we went yesterday to keep her company. Her case was heard first thing, so afterwards we went to Darby Street for coffees, had a pub lunch, and checked out the cutest little antique store that has opened recently. For months now Luke & I have been trying to find something to put in the corner of our bedroom, and we recently decided on a wooden coat stand. We had no luck at this particular antique store, but once we got back to the coast we quickly popped into a local antique store and found an over priced wooden coat stand. This will be our last resort should we have troubles finding a cheaper one. 

While we were in Newcastle, we visited mine & Luke's old flat, our first flat we lived in together. It was super small, in the perfect location just behind Darby street, and located in a street filled with wonderful cats. One of our old neighbours had the most magnificent cat, Pushkin. She sits in a pot plant all day, and sways from side to side because she's a little dumpy. We also ran into Rabbit - a coffee drinking indie kid trapped inside a cat. He used to live a couple of doors down from me and would always go into the cafes along Darby street and sit with you while you had coffee! It made me miss my cat I used to have when I lived there. I saw a decorative sign in a gift shop last week that read, 'home is where your cat is', which I thought at first was a little crazy-cat-lady. But the next cat we get will be when we buy our own house, so I guess that sign was actually more awesome than I originally thought. 


  1. Omg, how adorable, I want a sign like that, too!! My cat would certainly appreciate it to know just how much I love him. Haha Right now we have a sign up that says, "All guests must be approved by the dogs", but really, it's our cat that needs to approve the people that come in. :)
    Anywho, I loved both yours and Lara's outfits! The peter pan collars are just my favorite!

  2. LOL! Love the picture of you in the yellow dress!

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  7. sounds like a fun time! I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.
    your pictures are great!

  8. Look at that antique store, so sweet!


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