Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Over The Weekend

Over the weekend Luke & I dogsat for my boss & her gf while they went away. Their dog was an endless source of entertainment for us, and many belly rubs were given! Looking after Taj only made us want a dog even more. We stayed over at Taj's house Friday & Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon Luke & I met up with our friends for Tapas & cocktails. And they brought their son also, who is seriously the cutest little friend. To keep himself occupied he played games on his parents iPhone! He totally got how to slide and touch on the screen and pause the game to have something to eat and play again. It blew my mind! We went to the same cocktail bar that we went to a couple of weeks ago, and again it was pretty close to a perfect experience! The cocktails were delicious, and the food was amazing. I already can't wait to go back there again soon! 


  1. I love tapas! And dogs! What a perfect weekend =)

  2. My hubs and I are in that stage of wanting a dog too. We want a cute little one! Thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday Lauren. Hope you're feeling better today. Sending up healthy prayers for you dear!

  3. Tapas and cocktails...MMMmmm! This looks like such a good time and I love all the tattoos. :)

  4. Looks like pretty much a fabulous weekend. Dogsitting? Yes. Delicious food and cocktails? YES! So awesome, my friend.

  5. What an amazing trip. :) I'm jealous


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