Friday, April 6, 2012

My Family Fiji Holiday

1. Breakfast at the airport 2. Just about to board the plane 3. Plane ride 4. Just arrived!
Day One of our holiday was basically spent travelling and drinking over priced lattes at the airport. We left my parent's house at 5 am for the Sydney airport. Hung around there for a couple of hours until our flight, had some nanna naps on the plane, waited in line at the Fiji airport and then made the two our drive to the resort. Our first night we all had dinner together, drinks afterwards and had an early night.

1. View from our room 2. A haunted Scooby Doo looking shake/awesome seafood restaurant 
3. Mid morning drinks 4. Post snorkelling 5. Luke looking super imposed 6. Afternoon put-put
Breakfast at the resort was from 6am - 10am, and a fun fact about Luke & I - we're the biggest sleeper inners! Infact, we didn't go to bed the night before we flew out because we were certain we'd sleep through our alarms and not get up in time to go. So making this four hour breakfast window was something we had to work on. Our first morning we woke up a little later and made the last hour of breakfast. Afterwards we went on a little walk around the resort to find everyone and see what their plans for the day were. My mum (Ju), my sister (Ashleigh) & brother in law (Allan) all had booked massages, so we took heed and booked after them. To fill the time in before hand we had some mid morning drinks, unpacked and sussed out things around the resort. We had a late lunch, and then our massages. They were amazing, I've only had a couple of massages previous to this one and every time I have one I'm puzzled as to why I don't have them more often! Post massages we played put-put until dinner.
1. On the tour bus 2. Walking around Sigatoka 3. Shopping in Sigatoka 4. Frank The Tank
We decided to do all the activities and touristy things at the beginning so we could spend the last couple of days just taking it easy before we went home. So on day three we went into Sigatoka to do shopping and see their 'city'. There were a couple of gift stores at the resort, and the shops in Sigatoka had 90% of the same things. I bought some awesome 1920's looking one piece navy striped swimmers, $5 floral material peep toe mary janes, a wooden turtle & some Fijian tea. When we got back to the resort we unpacked our touristy trinkets, had some lunch, and then went up to the bar for some cocktails before dinner. After dinner most nights the resort had some sort of show around 8pm, and on the third night we were there we saw some fire walking and throwing and dancing, it was all pretty impressive. After we watched that we had some drinks up on the deck, and then Luke & I went night swimming.
1. Our first game of ping pong 2. Hitting up the gift store 3. Lunch 4. Drinks & put-put 
5. Our 'Romantic Dinner' 6. Luke's main meal 7. Ricotta cheesecake 8. Luke's desert 
We'd put off ping pong until after we had finished our game of put-put that we drew out over two sessions. Ping pong is one of my favourite things in the whole entire world, and I get pretty competitive about it too! So we spent most of the morning playing ping pong and table tennis, and I was getting cross with Luke because he kept changing between ping pong and table tennis. I take it seriously, clearly. It started to rain so we went inside and booked the much anticipated cave tour that was in the travel brochure we got with our tickets for Christmas. After we booked that we went into the air conditioned gift store and had a look around and bumped into my parents. They decided to come along on the cave tour also, and booked Ash & Allan in also. After lunch we made some drinks up and went down and played some put-put and video taped ourself with running sarcastic commentary. My dad has no vision when it comes to the video camera, he was filming us just having dinner and walking along the beach -  really boring shit. So we took charge of the camera and turned it around with a competitive game of put-put! It started to rain mid game, so we sat under a cute little gazebo and drank our drinks. After we finished our game, we went to our room and watched a movie that was on HBO. We had booked a 'Romantic Dinner' for that evening that was on a private island gazebo set up. We had wine and a three course meal and got to spend some quality time together. After dinner we went swimming, and had an early night in preparation for our epic cave tour the following day. 
I've broken my holiday post into two instalments because I wanted to share so many photos. I've been meaning to post about my holiday for over a week now, but I've just been so busy since I got home. We arrived home really late last Monday night, had a sleep in Tuesday and got unpacked and organised (and vlogged!), and I've worked almost every day since. And now I have an awesome case of the flu. I'll post the second holiday post in the next couple of days. I hope everyone has a lovely little Easter.


  1. Ahhh that looks like so much! I just went on vacation to Cuba in March but I'm already ready for another, haha

    1. This was my first holiday in like 4 years! I totally get why people holiday now!

  2. looks like you had a great, great time. I'm jealous!


  3. Lovely pics! Looks like you all had an awesome/relaxing time! :)


    1. Thanks! I sure did! Around day five I was a little too relaxed though! It was super weird having all my meals made for me without having to think up what to make each meal.

  4. AAAHH take me with you next time, looks like you had so much fun! I didn't realise put-put was the thing to do in Fiji haha. Looks like a lovely place!

    1. We did have a lot of fun! Although I love going away with Luke alone, going away with family was definitely just as awesome!

  5. I LOVE ping pong. It's kind of embarrassing how competitive I get about it.. seriously. Sounds like a fabulous first half of a vacation. I can definitely relate to being a sleeper inner. My husband and I are basically sleeper inner pros:)


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