Thursday, December 1, 2011

Surprise Birthday Party

Last Saturday was my Mum's surprise 50th birthday party. Sometimes people usually can pick up on something going on, but my Mum had no idea at all! I finished work around 4, and made a frantic dash to my parents house thinking I was going to miss her being surprised as my dad asked everyone to arrive at 4 ish. When I arrived I was greeted by some of my cousins in leotards with balloon chests & some were wearing wigs. The theme was to come dressed as Ju. My sister had taken her to my aunty's holiday house to have some afternoon drinks, while everything was being set up. We all gathered in the back yard and when my mum & sister arrived, Ju (my mum) walked out into the shed to put some drinks in the back fridge and she opened the door to see almost 50 faces shouting 'surprissseeee!!!'. I don't think I've ever been to a surprise party before, so it was pretty exciting, especially because it was for my mum as well.

However, it almost didn't go so smoothly. Earlier in the day I was working and my mum, sister, and some family friends came in for coffee, which they had said the night before that they would. I had just started my shift, and was in the outside dining area & I saw my uncle John walk past. I yelled out to him & said hello and he was going to come in for breakfast, so we walked back into the cafe so I could seat him. We were towards the back of the cafe, and my uncle John starts to wig out because he sees my mum start to walk in. So I quickly walked towards them and hurried them outside, my mum got a little upset because she thought I didn't want them to come into my work. Aww, poor Ju! As they were sitting down, my uncle John made a swift exit. On his way out, Jamie, one of the friends my mum was with saw him leave, he knew about the party though. And about ten minutes later, Jamie saw more of my family when he went to the bathroom! Throughout the day I saw heaps more of my family walking past my work.

It was such a lovely evening getting to see all my family again, the last time I got to see them all was my sister's wedding back in August. My dad organized pretty much everything, and he invited some family friends we hadn't seen in almost 8 years! When Ju saw them she almost had a heart attack! The worst thing about these sort of events is how fast they go. The whole night flew by! I was talking to some of my cousins and they were asking what time Luke would be coming as he had to work and wouldn't finish until after 10 pm, and I was thinking it was 9 ish, and then he appeared! 

So after many, many wines & whiskeys later we caught a taxi home around 12.30 am as Luke & I both had to work the next day. I took my work clothes to my parents house to wash and dry while I was there, and I even remembered to bring them home with me, which even I was surprised about. As I was getting out of the taxi I had my washing basket in my arms and it pulled on my necklace I was wearing and broke it, and I dropped my basket. I picked up the few things I dropped and came inside and made myself an asprin drink. When I woke up the next morning, I couldn't find my work shirt, so I found another shirt to wear instead, as I walked to my car I found some of my clothes out the front of my house on the road! 

Awkward Family Photo
Ju & my aunties
Chris, my aunty Sharon, Me
The last photo I took of the evening. 
Enough said.


  1. OMG, that first picture is so funny!!

  2. haha someone had a blast!

    love the pictures love
    happy late birthday to mom!


  3. haha awesome photos - great post !


    happy belated birthday to your mom!

  4. Looks like a blast of a party! The awkward family photo pic cracks me up!


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