Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It was my birthday today, I turned 23! 
It feel so bizarre to turn another year older, and to sometimes still feel the same way you did as a sixteen year old. I don't really fuss about with birthdays, I just don't get into them the same way as my older sister does. She likes to have herself a 'birthday week'! This year I actually got to spend the day with Luke. I've only spent one of my birthdays with him since we've been together because he has to work all the time. It was such a fantastic day. Because we had dinner plans for my actual birthday, my parents took me out for dinner on Monday evening. We went to a local restaurant & had dinner & drinks. It was a nice little evening. 

Luke & I slept in until 10 am, luckily my aunty called me & woke us up, otherwise we probably would have slept through more alarms or snoozed them. I normally can just wake up and be up, but if Luke has the day off, I'm the opposite. After we woke up, we had blueberry bagels & coffee & I spoke to my friend Lara. After breakfast we got ready for the day, and made a little drive out to Terrigal and had lunch at Bellyfish, this cute little beach side cafe that I had been told had killer coffee. So we went for lunch. I had a spiced lentil & chickpea burger, & Luke had salmon. After lunch we went to the movies & saw 'Jack & Jill'. Luke gave it 0.5/5, and I would probably rate it 1.5/5, only because there was a handful of actual funny scenes & Katie Holmes is a babe! After the movie finished we went to my parents house after they finished work and had cups of tea with them. My mum had a bucket filled with different types of tea & chocolates with a gift card for Myer. So I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!

We left my parents house around 6 pm to get ready for our dinner date at The Cowrie. The person who owns the restaurant Luke works at, also has a couple of other really nice restaurants. One of them is The Cowrie, which is a fine dining & ala cart restaurant. It was such a fantastic birthday meal! I had a vegetable & cheese entree, it came out so neatly presented & looked really colourful. And for my main I had a marinated goats cheese tarts with persian figs. And for dessert, Luke & I shared an indulgence dessert plate for two & I chased it down with a cappuccino. When we came home, we made some whiskey drinks & watched a couple episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 the original series. So all in all, it was a pretty fantastic birthday indeed! I got to do all the things I wanted to do, and do them all with my best friend!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! happy happy birthday to you!


  2. happy late birthdayyyy :) hope it was a great one! <3

  3. happy birthday. sounds like you have been very spoiled.

  4. Happy birthday. I turned 23 in October, and I still forget my age.

  5. Happy birthday Lauren!!!!

  6. Happy belated birthday! I have a theory about birthdays - once you reach driving age, voting age, and drinking age, it's almost as if you stop getting older. Just ask Hugh Hefner. Have a great year!

  7. Happy belated birthday! You sound like you had a fantastic one!!!

  8. Awe, you look like you had a good time! :-) very cute haircut and happy late birthday girl!

  9. Again, worst bloggy buddy over here...

    Happy Belated Birthday Lauren!!<3

    a cup of subtle tea


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