Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I can't believe Christmas has already been and gone, this year has just flown by!
Usually my family goes back to our home town, Gunnedah, for Christmas, but this year we stayed at the Coast for a family Christmas. Saturday morning Luke & I woke up a little later than expected and hurried ourselves to my parents house to open presents and have breakfast before Luke had to go to work (yep :( on Christmas). My parents bought us all a family holiday to Fiji in March next year! It was a pretty amazing present! After we opened presents we had pancakes & fruit for breakfast, then I had to rush Luke off to work. 

When I got back to my parents house, we had cups of tea and played cards while my Dad & my brother-in-law Allan made lunch. It was such a lovely, sunny day, totally unlike the last couple of weeks. It really hasn't been a proper summer here this year. I picked Luke up in the late afternoon, and we had drinks, and the neighbours came over for drinks and Christmas dinner. To finish a lovely day off we watched Bridesmaids and drank whiskey.

I hope everybody else had a lovely Christmas.
And a big congratulations to Hannah from A Cup Of Subtle Tea!


  1. Aw, what a lovely Christmas! Looks like you had tons of fun :D

    FIJI!? Are you serious! I'm so jealous!!

  2. I know! Its going to be such a great trip, especially because my family will all be together there! I can't wait, lucky March isn't too far away!

  3. ok FIJI?
    dammmmmmmmmmm Lauren!
    lucky girl!
    i am so happy for you ..
    i bet you can't wait for next year!

    :) i am planning to go to Argentina
    to see Sebastian .. so i can't wait


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  4. looks like you had a fun Christmas! yay! i love the photos, and it's so nice that your bro made lunch! the men in our family do not know how to do anything in the kitchen... lol! hope you have a nice, happy new year, lauren!


  5. Fiji? Awesome! Oh, and Skip-Bo is my favorite!

  6. You guys look like such a fun bunch! Love the pictures :)

  7. Looks like a fun time!

  8. FIJI OMGGGGG. That is a BRILLIANT present. I watched Bridesmaids on Christmas as well. We must be twins. You still look so familiar, I can't figure out who you look like arrghhh.

  9. Oh and I forgot to say - no they weren't rumballs, they were little brownies! So much tastiness!

  10. Fiji sounds absolutely amazing! Sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas.

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  12. thank you for stopping by and leaving a super sweet comment!!! it definitely makes me feel hopeful that once you moved things got better! I'm seriously worried that i will always end up disliking where i live or something. probably silly to think that, but still scares me!
    WOW. a trip to fiji! thats amazing!!! looks like you had a wonderful christmas! hope you have a great new years as well!!

  13. A holiday to FIJI!!! OMG!!! you lucky girl!!! Glad to hear you have a wonderful Christmas, may you and your family have a great new year ahead!!!

  14. Woah, what an amazing gift! I have such a fantasy about going to Fiji! One day! You will need to post lots of pictures when that comes!!!! :) Glad you had a nice christmas! Have a lovely new years night! Zoë x

  15. it looks like you had a fun christmas!
    well now.. Happy New year! :)

  16. I have a friend called Jason from Gunnedah!


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