Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spend the day with A Cup Of Subtle Tea!

Hello Tastes Like Love readers! I am so excited to have been the Feature
Sponsor for Lauren this month. I absolutely love her site, her
illustrations and of course, her!

I am popping in to share with you guys a peak at my day-to-day life. Since
I don't currently work it leaves my days open to a million possibilities. I
do my absolute best to keep busy so that the house stays clean and I don't
turn into a complete vegetable. When James travels for work my days vary
greatly but luckily he was home for almost two weeks during this holiday so
I can show you a little bit of what our day consists of.

My days usually start not wanting to get out of bed. It's unstoppable. I
will continually fight my night-owl-ness because I dream of being a morning
person. I always feel more productive and successful. Someday, it may

Random Fact # 1: I feel so lazy and unproductive when I'm a night owl
that I will probably spend the rest of my life continually fighting until I
can be a morning person for more than a week at a time.

Once I finally get up I get ready (this week
meant I could finally wear Christmas jammy pants!) and then I go open up
 the blinds and windows. Rain or shine, I love having them open. This is
 one of my favorite parts of Virginia.

Random Fact # 2: The whole front of my house is floor to ceiling
windows. This is both awesome (for light and fresh air) and awful (for
furniture placement and wall decorations

Then I get up and make breakfast. Check out the recipe for these waffles here! 
I am a huge advocate of breakfast. I know that everyone says it is the most
important meal of the day but coming from someone who ALWAYS skipped
breakfast in her teens... It really is the best thing I could have done for
myself. I couldn't have lost so much weight without breakfast.

After breakfast I usually assess my to-do list and see what needs to get
done for the day. This can be anything from laundry, dishes, sewing,
blogging, web design, lawn work, decorating or catching up on tv shows.
This week has been spent decorating the house now that all the paint work
has been completed. These adorable fall frames will be on the blog soon as
part of an "interchangeable" wall decor post!

Up next is lunch. Lunch = tv break. It's true, James and I are serious
homebodies. We love "our shows" and making lunch or dinner to eat while we
catch up is always my favorite part of the day. We have been on a serious
grilled cheese and tomato soup kick lately. We make several variations and
we haven't come up with a bad one yet!

Random Fact # 3: Even when we first started dating, James and I had "our
shows" that we weren't allowed to watch without each other. No matter what,
whether his schedule is busy or mine, we always make time to sit down and
cuddle while catching up on our favorite shows.

After lunch is straight back to my to-do list. James has been watching
college basketball and some NFL games this week so I can plug my headphones
in and bang out posts for myself but also guest posts like this one!
Occasionally we will head out to see a movie or go run some errands. Over
the weekend we went to see The Muppets and it was FANTASTIC!

Random Fact # 4: I used to think that a "sports" guy was a dealbreaker.
Thank goodness James came around and proved me wrong. He is the best thing
to ever happen to me.

The ends of my days are usually followed by dinner and baking. Unless of
course we go to the gym. Since it's a holiday weekend, we are taking a
breather so we can get all of our handmade Christmas decorations finished.
(By we, I mean mostly me. lol) This is the remnants of the mini apple pies
made for our
 Thanksgiving feast . Check out an apple cinnamon recipe here 
to use up leftover apple pie filling!

The night usually comes to a close with sewing in bed, cuddling and
Supernatural. James has gotten me absolutely hooked on this show. It is a
miracle I don't have nightmares everyday because I really don't do well
with spooky things, nonetheless before bed. This is one of "our shows" so
at least I don't have to watch it alone.

Random Fact #5: I have a really bad habit of sticking my needles in the
bed, when I move around or get more thread, so I don't lose them. When I
start looking for them again I, almost always, can't find them anywhere.
This usually gives James a heart attack because he wont sleep until I find
it. I haven't been banned from it just yet.

*   *   *  *  *
A huge thank you to Lauren for having me as her Featured Sponsor for


  1. I think Hannah and her blog are absolutely fantastic and I can totally relate to her relationship with her lovely James.

    Hannah.....Justin and I have "our shows" as well. Even when I'm back home in Nashville, I wait til he can come to the house and we On Demand them together. :)


  2. great post. :)

  3. Jen and I have "our shows" as well, right now they're mostly True Blood, The Big Bang Theory and My Little Pony. ^_^

    This was SUCH a wonderful blog post. Hannah is so awesome! I love seeing little snippets of my favorite bloggers' days!

  4. hey love i wanted to ask you
    do you use photoshop for your pics?
    or another program?


  5. hey love
    check out my blog =D
    i tagged you for a fun
    post <3 hope you do it



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