Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little Lazy Day

Aside from the heavy heat today, I had a pretty lovely little day. Luke & I stopped by our new flat and measured the space for our new furniture and all that boring kind of stuff. Afterwards he had to go to work, and I had to go to the shops to get a pair of earrings I haven't stopped thinking about all week. I had to get them. And because we're moving, its usually the best time to clean out your clothes cupboard and rid yourself of horrible past purchases. So I decided to buy a couple of new things to replace a whole bunch of old stuff I'll be throwing out. Its fashion maths. I purchased some dark blue jeans cropped shyly around the ankle which I'm super excited about, I basically haven't worn jeans for almost two years. I wear stockings with dresses or skirts every single day. And in keeping with the denim theme I bought a denim skirt (as well as a blue & white striped plain tee). I've been needing some wardrobe basics, so I'm glad I actually stuck to purchasing plans and got them this time. I always go to the shops with basics in mind and leave with a dress I'll wear three times and tire of.

It was such a sunny day I sat on the porch with yogurt & cereal, coffee & Frankie for the better part of the morning. I started to clear out my cupboard & saw a big pile of pictures I'd printed out during my studies that I wanted to put into a inspirational book. So after collecting them for 3 years I cut them all out ready to glue into a book. I spent most of my afternoon drooling over magical forest scenes, felt tea parties, band posters from the 70's, whimsical illustrations & wall paper while watching 'Daria' with green tea and seaweed crackers. Then I picked Luke up for his break & we got slurpees and watched more 'Daria'. So its been a pretty lovely day, and tomorrow will be just as lovely because my friend Lara is coming to visit for coffee.

I hope everybody is having a lovely little week!


  1. I love the stripey t-shirt and the earrings are a lovely colour. Your morning sounds so lovely and relaxing.


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  3. aww friend!
    i would love to sit down
    in your porch and have a cup
    of coffee with you!




  4. :) love lazy days!

  5. The color of your porch is so pretty! I am jealous of the "heavy heat" it is freezing and rainy in Chicago...

    congrats on your new place!

  6. Thank you for your comment, you are too sweet! :) I love your loves! haha! Your kittiecat looks beautiful! And TETRIS!!!! I maybe play that everyday haha :) Sounds like a pretty perfect day, I wish I was moving house! I'm stuck in a bad living situation! grrr! Enjoy the measurements and the heat!!! haha! x

  7. I love these photos! Your blog is so adorable. Would you like to follow each other? X

  8. This looks like a wonderfully inspired day. It sounds like so much fun to be thinking of furniture to fit a new space! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...

    your newest follower

  9. Follow you, dear!! Love your blog!!
    Follow me back?)))

  10. Oooh! Lovin the earrings! Go Diva...its amazing some of the cool stuff you can find there sometimes :)
    Toni xo

  11. Yay for shopping! I am in desperate need of winter clothes shopping as we start heading into my first REAL winter!

    Since we moved to VA, between the two of us, we have throwing out clothes to 8 bags of clothes and shoes and we still have a TON of stuff! lol


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