Thursday, June 6, 2013

Recent Purchases / After A Trip To Freedom

Before Romy arrived I had plans to do some nesting in our new home, and wanted to focus on our living room in particular. I had been eyeing off the Stockholm Coffee Table at Freedom for a couple of weeks and really wanted to buy it but wanted Luke to see it in person first. The coffee table we have currently has really sharp corners and aside from them being a future hazard for Romy - Luke & I are always banging our knees and shins on it. Luke isn't the biggest fan of white furniture, so we looked in other furniture stores and op shops for a round wooden coffee table with no luck. Before Luke could go out to Freedom to see the coffee table I wanted, Romy came early and our purchase was put on hold up until this week. Now that I'm feeling a lot better we've been making little trips to the shops to get back on track with our nesting project. Not only did Luke give the thumbs up to the coffee table, but Freedom was having a store wide sale. When I saw that everything I wanted was in store and marked down I was so excited I felt a little light headed! Although the focus was things for the living room, I bought the dipped vessels to put on our bookshelf in our bedroom, and the mademoiselle scatter cushion for Romy's room. I've been assigning myself little day jobs this week as a distraction so I won't go back out to Freedom and buy an unnecessary amount of scatter cushions and shelf fillers!

>>>From my purchases
only the coffee table is available
to buy from the freedom website

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