Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Delightful Things In Five Minutes

Over the weekend I was going through some boxes in the garage and found lots of my craft supplies that I constantly buy and never use. I like to set crafting tasks for myself, buy the supplies and put them in my craft box and add the project to my mental to-do list. While I was home bound recovering after Romy's arrival, I thought about all the things I wanted to do. And over the weekend I finally had the motivation to do a couple of them. During my pregnancy I had ideas of little things I wanted to put in Romy's room and a block letter with cute decorative paper was one of them. I have so much pattern paper in my craft box that this was a perfect opportunity to actually use it. The end result was a bit shabby, but I don't think Romy is going to hold it against me! The other little project I crossed off my list was putting to good use a custom spoon present from my cousin for designing her wedding invitations earlier this year. One of my families little things we all like to say is 'so much' to just about everything when we're all together. And my cousin had it engraved on a spoon. At her wedding she had the same spoons with something different engraved on them as gifts for her guests. I had a spare white frame, and some beautiful textured paper my sister gave me that was perfect for this shelf decorator. I wanted to put this on my A-frame bookcase I have in my bedroom to go along side the dipped vessels I recently bought from Freedom. It actually took less than a minute to put together! Both of these little pieces were perfect projects to whip up while Romy was napping, and have motivated me to open my craft box more often.

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