Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Home Inspiration - Living Rooms

One / Two / Three / Four / Five
I've never been a fan of colourful spaces. I generally find myself leaning towards neutral coloured spaces, especially for living rooms with statement pieces like scatter cushions or a throw rug or something decorative. When Luke & I moved out together into a teeny tiny one bedroom terrace flat, our first place together, I wanted everything to be white. All I managed to get was a white kitchen table, that Luke constantly reminds me he doesn't like. He is not a fan of white furniture, whereas its my first choice. When we moved in to our last flat we updated a couple of things and bought a new bed and bed side tables - all in white. White generally compliments accompanying colours, where wood can clash too much with different interiors, especially when renting. So I twisted Luke's arm on the bedroom furniture.

Over the years we've talked about things we would like to do when we had a bigger space, and having a baby prompted us to make our most recent move. We've only been in our new house for a week or so now, so I haven't had a lot of time to get down to the finer decorating details, but I sure have made the time to drool over other peoples dreamy spaces to get me motivated. Luke is quite opinionated with what he does and doesn't like aesthetically, so I always feel a little guilty without asking him when I want to change things up or buy something different. Because I know he enjoys the process just as much as me, which is definitely something I love about him! This move around he suggested we bring a little more colour into our living area because we're going to be spending more time in this house, and it will be more visually stimulating. So its our little nesting project that we will be gradually working on. Last week I started it off with the new addition of a bright yellow studio floor lamp for our living room, and the excitement over the purchase has kept me inspired all week to bring more colour into our house. I'm looking forward to sharing our little nesting project here on TLL!


  1. i love these especially image 2's couch. I'm now thinking I should use my vintage drunk as a somewhat side table in the loungeroom with a vase as in image 4 - love it.
    Can't wait to join you on your decorating journey x

  2. wow i looove room number one!
    darling blog :)

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