Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fancy Folk - By The Lock

Have you met Chloe from By The Lock yet?
If you haven't it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to her as she is this weeks Fancy Folk. She likes nature dwelling, vegan cooking, coffee, dresses and crafts. 

Do you have any big plans for 2013?
Lots!! I am forever setting myself goals and challenges, you can find a whole load here. But, mainly, I want 2013 to be full of stitching. By the end of the year I want to wearing clothes I have made completely from scratch myself! I am so excited for that moment.
Describe your style:     
God, this is tough! I think until pretty recently I didn’t have much of a style at all! I love dresses, I love collars, I love patterns; polka dots and stripes. I also love any kind of clothing with animals on it, the more unusual the better! I also tend to lean towards darker colours, navy, black and grey. That sounds kind of depressing, doesn't it? I liven it up with colourful cardigans. Goth Granny, probably sums it up quite well! 
Is there one thing you have bought that you think might turn into a family heirloom?    
All the stuff I own is pretty junkish, other than my cameras and computer, but I don’t think they will stand the test of time.  I would like to think that something I make will turn into a family heirloom more than something I have bought. A quilt or a piece of embroidery! Maybe! I plan on making a dining table this year, hopefully that will stand the test of time! It'd be pretty amazing knowing my great great grandkids could be sting breakfast at a table I made. I'll have to engrave it with my name!
What is one of your favourite combinations? (food, colours, fashion etc)
This changes for me all the time! At the moment though I am really loving the colour mint with white polka dots. Thats quite specific huh?  Green is generally always my favourite colour with anything, but mint and white is so refreshing! Particularly in home decor! 
Your perfect day would be:     
Spent on a boat!! We (my boyfriend and a couple of friends) hired a tiny boat last year and it was the best day. We took a bunch of snacks and a bottle of Cava. The only way I could have made that day even more perfect was if the sun was out and I had a little dog with me, in a life-jacketI'd have a full pack of bread to feed the super friendly ducks.

>>> To read more about Chloe,
visit her blog and say hello!

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