Monday, October 22, 2012

Start Your Week Off With..

I hope you all had a more productive Monday than I did. Luke & I went to The Black Keys concert on Sunday evening in Newcastle & visited my Sister for her birthday, which ended up being a late evening for us by the time we drove back to the coast. We woke up today after lunch, watched some bad day time tv with cups of tea and French pastries and went grocery shopping. Whenever I sleep in late and waste the day I feel really guilty and rather than turn the day into a productive one I generally have a sook in bed. So that is what I did. Luke put on Beauty & The Beast, filled up a hot water bottle and tucked me into bed and then he made dinner. I woke up in a better mood to a lovely dinner, X-factor & cups of tea. I may just have to bake Luke some cookies tomorrow for being such a boss! 


  1. I keep meaning to have a go at that jar tutorial. But that library... enviable!

    Alli xx

  2. Love the glowing jar! I need one.. or two.. :-)


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