Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mother Daughter Weekend On The Gold Coast

Top L-R: Rikki, me, Mum, Aunty Lea, Aunty Sharon, Mandy, my sister Ash, Sophie & Kate
Bottom L-R: Me, Rikki + Jackson, Sophie + Nick, Gertie & Mandy, Ash, Kate + Andrew

Last Friday my Sister Ash, my Mum & myself hoped on a plane to the Gold Coast for our second MDWE (Mother Daughter Weekend) of the year. This one was a little extra special because my cousin Sophie was back in Australia after living overseas for almost two years, my cousin Kate was about to drop a baby, and there was a new addition to our MDWE - my cousin's girlfriend Rikki! Rikki is an absolute babe fox, she takes dreamy pictures that could be postcards sent from love club island & she is also super duper sweet.

We arrived early at the Gold Coast where Kate picked us up from the airport and we went for breakfast. After our eggs, we made our first stop at Mandy's house for a quick tour. I wish Mandy blogged, because if she did and took pictures of her house, it would seem more like a dreamers pinterest pin board than somebodies humble abode. We then made our way to Kate's house to check out her little set up that awaits her baby, and then we checked into our rooms at the resort. Our afternoon was spent around a cheese plate, with cups of tea and catching up. Throughout the afternoon my cousin's partners came to visit too as they all live on the Gold Coast, and it was really lovely getting to see everyone after such a long time. We went for dinner at this cute gourmet burger place across from the resort where we had lettuce cup burgers. I was secretly beyond excited to try out this whole lettuce cup burger thing after seeing them on a couple of blogs, and they were definitely amazing! 

On Saturday morning we woke up to Kate & Ash making pancakes and fruit salad. Whenever we go away on these MDWE's, breakfast is always one of the funnest parts, and the biggest deals. It takes us all forever to get up and get ready and sit down at once to eat together, but Kate got her mother on and bossed us all into line! After everyone was dressed and had their post breakfast cup of tea, we went for a walk to find our lunch destination. And yes, (unfortunately) we left the resort wearing those hideous blue t-shirts. I am such a grinch when it comes to dressing up or fancy dress, I've just never ever been into it. However, everybody in my family seems to love it and therefore it is part of MDWE. Last MDWE the theme was 'sparkles' and the Daughter's organised a sparkly super hero outfit, while the Mother's went over the top and blinded us with their sparkles. We thought we had the cat in the bag with our costumes and would win our little dress up competition, but we didn't. So this time around we had the idea to go with a t-shirt saying 'You Win -MDWE'. And once again the Mother's went above and beyond with the 'medical' theme and had cute little nurse get ups. I wish I had of taken a photo to share because it was hilarious!

Aside from getting to spend quality time with my family when we go away together on these weekends, I love going away with them because I'm always introduced to something new. This time around I tried white leaf tea, ginger in a fresh juice, lettuce cup burgers and a vegetarian bento box when we went for lunch at this mixed Japanese restaurant. It's just so lovely spending time with your family as an adult, because it isn't something our parents make us do, we all want to. Our MDWE's are something that I really look forward to because we're all so lucky to be friends and share the similar interests, especially ones that clearly run in the family like watching cyst videos on youtube!


  1. Aw it sounds like such a good weekend, you are so lucky to have a nice big extended family like that!

  2. Hahahahaha, oh my god. Cyst videos. My OH and I were watching blackhead videos on YouTube the other day. Gross, but kind of fascinating!

    Alli xx

  3. Aww! Sounds like such a fun weekend. :) Should have let me know you were coming and we could've met up! :P


    1. I will most definitely be making another visit in the next couple of months to visit my cousin's baby so I will let you know and see if we can have a coffee date or something!


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