Monday, June 18, 2012

A Sunday Evening - Boy & Bear

Sunday evenings are always my favourite because neither Luke or myself work so rather than Friday be 'date night', Sundays are for us. We usually go out for dinner, or to the movies. But this Sunday evening we had tickets for Australian indie band, Boy & Bear. Luke & I bought our tickets months ago and my boss and her gf bought tickets also, but my bosses gf went on a meditation retreat and gave her ticket to Jeremy - who also works at the cafe. It was such a fun evening, Luke made risotto & we all had dinner and drinks at our house before the gig and we arrived half way through the support bands set. I'm pretty selective about catching the support band at gigs, I usually stretch out pre-drinks at someones house before hand, but was pretty happy I got to catch a little bit of last night's support band because they were awesome. I just have to find out their name now! Boy & Bear was absolutely flawless and they played all my favourite songs off their record. It was the first gig I've been to all year and it certainly has made me even more excited to see Jack White & Band Of Skulls next month! 


  1. HELLO Jeremy!!!! (presuming he is in the white striped shirt!?!)
    Looks like you had a great time!
    Just stumbled on your blog - loves it!!!

  2. I've never heard of this band. I'm sure they're worth checking out though!
    I love all the super fun looking pictures! You clearly had a bad ass time. Wish I was there! :)


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