Monday, March 5, 2012

Start Your Week Off With..

I hope you've all had an excellent start to your week, my Monday was spent working my way to the bottom of my laundry basket, running errands and watching 'Submarine'. 


  1. Awhh thanks lovely! you're the sweetest :)

  2. Hi Lauren, thank you for visiting my blog! you have a a very nice blog and this is a lovely list :)

  3. Wonderful as always! this is always a highlight of my week and maybe the only thing I like about Monday's.

  4. This week is gonna be so stressing for me... so much study to do :(
    But I'm happy to descover your blog... this made my day!

    Please, feel fre to visit my blog!
    There is also a GIVEAWAY! An italian designer is offering to a lucky reader a pair of handmade decorated tights!
    If you come, tell me what you think.. I'm waiting for you :)

    ( )

    xo, Lara


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