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Guest Post / Pursuit Of Felicity

Hello there tasteslikelove readers, My name is Felicity and I run the blog Pursuit of Felicity. I live on the Gold Coast of Australia with my partner of 3+ years and best friend of 8+ years, Ben. I'm currently studying to be a Primary School Teacher and have just over a year left to go. I have a huge fixation with sausage dogs, particularly with my own miniature dachshund, Phoebe. If I had to choose between having a real baby or a furbaby, furbabies would win everytime.. just kidding!
What inspired you to start your blog, and how did you settle on Pursuit Of Felicity for your blog name?
I originally started blogging as a way to escape the boredom of Uni and being unemployed. At first I simply posted photos and little snippets about what I was getting up to at the time, but after a few short months of reading other blogs I quickly became aware of just how diverse and widespread the blog world really is. From that point on I started putting the utmost time and effort into the presentation of my blog, and before I knew it I was completely transfixed with both blogging and blog design. I guess you could say I found my niche. :)

As for naming my blog Pursuit of Felicity, I came up with that name many years ago when I needed a handle for another social networking platform. You see, my parents chose to name me Felicity because according to the dictionary, Felicity means happiness. So having just finished watching the movie 'The Pursuit of Happyness' I figured what better handle than Pursuit of Felicity. Besides, when I really think about, that's exactly why I started blogging in the first place.. to pursue happiness. :)

How do you spend most of your time?
As I no longer live with, or even close to the majority of my family and friends, I spend a lot of my free time online, blogging and trying to source out clients for my new blog design business. I also enjoy baking, D.I.Y crafts and spending quality time with Ben.. that is of course when Ben and I aren't bogged down with a tonne of Uni work. :(

You've recently started your custom blog design service, how did you get into blog design?
I started my custom blog design service in January of this year, but I have been designing blogs, websites and other social networking layouts ever since I first got the internet back when I was 13 years old. I received my first copy of Adobe Photoshop when I was 15 (thanks to Ben actually!) and that ultimately took my passion for design to a whole new level. Now whilst I am by no means a qualified professional designer, I am a hardworking, enthusiastic and passionate one! There's not a lot that I enjoy more than creating that perfect design a blogger has always been longing for. :)

What has been the most exciting/notable thing to happen to you so far in 2012?
Definitely opening up my custom blog design service. I had my first paying client just the other day, and after not working for over a year it was the most incredible feeling for me! :D I was also pretty excited when Lauren completed a custom illustration for Ben and myself in early February. ;)

What is one your favourite photographs?
My favourite photograph that I have ever taken is probably this one of Phoebe with her new best friend Joey. Joey is the maltese X papillon puppy that my brother gave my mum for Christmas last year, and I took this photograph on the first day that Phoebe met Joey. They were, and still are, so cute together. Looking at this photograph it's almost as though they've known each other for years!

Felicity is super awesome, and I'm glad we've become blogging buddies! She helped me out with my new blog layout last week. If you're thinking about refreshing your blog layout and design, you should definitely consider Felicity for the job! I featured on Felicity's blog last week, check it out.

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