Friday, April 4, 2014

The Friendly Month

Luke & I have declared this month as 'the friendly month'. What is 'a friendly month' you ask? Well, this month we are not going to bicker, or argue and we're making extra effort to be more considerate of each others feelings. And most importantly, spend more quality time together which at times can be difficult with a baby. It seems simple enough, but when you haven't had enough sleep, you have a crawling 11 month old trying to climb up on you screaming whilst you're trying to make breakfast - it is easy to lose your cool and snap at each other. Somedays I'm so focused on Romy I have to remind myself to be considerate of others & not just talk about Romy, because all day everyday she is my entire world & focus.

We're almost a week into our friendly month and there has only been one small impatient retort so far. It is not as though Luke & I are heading for divorce court - don't get me wrong we're still best buddies, we're just tired and cranky best buddies. So there will be no snapping, no raised voices & no short answers. We will be making more time for each other to sit and talk together rather than sit and watch things together, and not let silly mundane things bother us because we're tired. Let's get friendly!

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